Amiel J. Rossabi -
Pictures above are taken after the Blitz Cycle: Body Fat%down from 19.6% of 13.6%

  "I have been training with Yasu for about 6 years, and have stayed fit and in shape that entire time due to Yasu's training regimen. Though I have always played competitive spors, including in college. Yasu's training has been the perfect thing for me to continue to stay in shape through my 40's. In fact, nearing my 50th birthday, I decided that I wanted to trim some weight and body fat percentage. My goal was to lose 12 lbs and 5% of body fat with some eating changes. I lost 17 pounds and 6% body fat by the end of summer. In addition, no matter how much I, at times, don't workout, Yasu's attitude and changing routines keep me motivated. He pushes me far more than I would push myself and helps me avoid injuries in playing sports. I can't imagine not training with Yasu."

Angela Van Trigt, M.D. -

I have been training with Yasu since January of 2007. My initial plan was to spend three sessions with him to learn a few new things to incorporate into my workouts. I quickly realized Yasu’s tremendous knowledge base of training, conditioning, exercise physiology, and nutrition as well as his exceptional ability to motivate and encourage me to train harder than I ever thought possible. My initial plan for a few sessions soon changed to what has now been several years of working with Yasu on a once or twice weekly basis!  Yasu consistently has my workouts planned ahead of time; and, I always feel I have made significant accomplishments and improvements even after just a 30 minute session with Yasu. He keeps meticulous notes on each workout and is able to document the progress made on every exercise with each muscle group. I feel completely safe under Yasu’s instruction even when he pushes my workouts far beyond what I would ever attempt on my own. Yasu is always extremely professional yet very enjoyable to work with. As someone who didn’t like exercising much before, I can honestly say, thanks to Yasu,  I look forward to doing so now. Most importantly, I have had great results. I am much stronger and more toned than I was before Yasu. I feel confident in the gym and enjoy trying new types of exercise. Yasu has helped me to get to a level of fitness I would never have been able to achieve on my own; and, I hope to continue working with him indefinitely.


 Clayton Halls

  "I have been involved with fitness for many years, but I needed a change to keep me more motivated so I decided to take up boxing.  Even though I was knowledgeable about fitness and in pretty good shape, I had no clue how to begin training for boxing and the demands it would have on me physically.  I saw Yasu using boxing drills with some of his clients and it was obvious that he knew what he was doing.  So, I decided to train with Yasu and have been doing so for about 3 years now. One of the things that stands out about Yasu is his excellent coaching ability.  He has taken me from a beginner to a very skilled boxer with great instruction and a continual progression of various skills that I needed to improve.  Yasu always has a plan in place for every session and knows exactly what we need to work on to get better.  One of Yasu’s coaching techniques that has really helped me is his encouragement.  No matter how bad of a session that I think I am having, he always makes me feel like I am improving and doing well.  He is very patient and spends as much time as we need on any particular skill that he is helping me to develop. Finally, I must say that Yasunobu Immamura’s greatest asset is that he really cares about helping you to get better, whether it is boxing, fitness, nutrition, health, etc.  I always get the feeling that he really wants to be doing the session and is dedicated to helping me improve.  Yasu has been a great teacher and trainer who I am very thankful for.  Thanks for all you have done to help me.  You are very gifted at what you do."
David Guise - Case Study, a runner-up article for the I.A.R.T. Fitness Professional of the Year 2001

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David Marker - 
About 9 Months ago, I was overweight and felt sluggish a lot of time. I didn't have either the motivation to change or the know how to turn things around. Around that time, a good friend of mine said that he was working with a trainer who was helping him. Luckily for me, he introduced me to Yasu and I am so glad he did. The results have been truly outstanding! In that relatively short amount of time, I have dropped 22 pounds and, soon, I WILL hit my goal of a 25 pounds weight loss. On top of the weight loss, I just had my annual physical and I'm now off of my blood pressure meds and all the important lab metrics were vastly improved. Yasu is a wonderful trainer but he 's more than that. He is a motivating force; a physical therapist, and a nutritionist ... all rolled onto one. My relationship with food as well as my understanding and drive for proper exercise has been enhanced. I give the credit to Yasu for helping me get to a healthier lifestyle.
George Kennon -
"When I retired I decided to spend more time playing golf. The game has always been one of my passions but I had not played competitively. As I started playing competitively it became clear that in order to excel I would have to be strong and flexible. That is when I started training with Yasunobu Imamura (Yasu). Since my training began I have won on the Senior Amateur tour, three senior club championship and the Carolinas Professional Golfers Association Senior Associate tour. I won the Legends Player of the Year for 2014. At the age of 73 I thank Yasu and give him much of the credit for my being able to enjoy the game of golf and compete against the best senior players in Carolina.

Katie Rossabi







  "I have been training with Yasu at Zone Reps for almost 10 years. As an avid athlete and exercise enthusiast, it is hard to find ways to stay in shape that are challenging and fun. Yasu provides that atmosphere every time we train and he does so in a professional manner. Yasu raises the bar every time he trains me. I always leave our sessions invigorated and sufficiently tired. No other trainer I have worked with in the past has helped me reach fitness goals as has Yasu. I highly recommend Yasu to anyone at any level of fitness."



Tom Newton

    "Yasu Imamura has made a dramatic impact on my life.  When we first met five years ago, I weighed 185 pounds with borderline numbers in blood pressure and cholesterol.  Today I consistently weigh 162 pounds with blood pressure and cholesterol in the optimum ranges.  How was this accomplished?First, Yasu taught me about proper diet.  In the beginning, I wrote down everything that I ate on a daily basis.  Yasu taught me about protein, carbohydrates, fat and the proper amount to each day.  We also focused on pre- and post-workout diet so that I would get the most out of the weight training.  I also became very aware of portion control. Second, is the weight-training program that Yasu developed for me.  He taught me the physiology of exercise and helped me understand how the body works.  He varied the intensity of the workouts and we typically rotated the split-workout routines with the infamous “Blitz” where you used intensity variables on each exercise.  My musculature is better at 57 than it was at 27.We also focused on cardio training and incorporated that into the weight-training program as a way to keep body fat at a minimum.  This is also a key since my father died of a heart attack at age 46. I have been truly blessed to have Yasu come into my life.  In spite of my family history, I know if I follow Yasu’s total program, I will have done all I could to overcome any negative genetics." 






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